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Wild Nagaland- 2023- India (Premium)

Wild Nagaland- 2023- India (Premium)

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The Wood and the Cook

This is our very amazing clean Hindi distillation from Nagaland, what you have got here is super clean hydrodistilled super grade wild Nagaland agarwood.


Year of Distillation: 2022/2023


This is a relatively viscous light honey color

The Scent Profile

The scent profile is opening of Indian spicy sour medicinal top - note -oddly enough that I smelt in top notch Vietnamese oud oils from Nha Trang- with leathery woody undertones, absolutely zero barn or zero burn notes, pure resin smell.

A little later the scent of subutism burning agarwood starts to show, like sniffing a subitism super incense grade Nagaland wood smoke, absolutely breath taking. This oil has a very discernible green smell in the top notes which i would say is very common in Chinese top notch cultivated kinam oils.

After getting this oil, you will be shocked at its price mark, its vintage feel, even though this was distilled in 2023. This is our gift to you, enjoy.


Recommended for anyone who want to try a nice/clean modern region-specific Hindi oud.

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