Our Mission

Working at Elixir Attar over the years and way before that, we have always either worked with or studied many of the aspects around agarwood and its industry.

We have acquired knowledge throughout the years to allow us to provide our customers with agarwood oils that are simply put, studied to the molecular level before offering them for sale. 

It took us a great deal of time and thinking to move forward with this project which is still in infancy, but we are planning big things agarwood related God willing. We aim to transform the scene of luxury agarwood and fuse it with the scientific elements we believe should be an integral part of it, obliterating the oud is an art fallacy, like anything- particularly perfumery- it is part art, part science, never one sided, even the artists know the science intuitively.

Agarwood oils are very tricky when it comes to beginners because they are a whole new world, where should i start from, what should i buy, is this worth my money?, a lot of questions come to mind. What we offer you is a way to buy agarwood oils and extracts, while explaining to you why they are priced as such, without all the marketing gimmicks that surround the process.

Marketing is not bad in anyway, however, when paying a lot of money (because oud is an expensive hobby) education should be an integral part of the process, simple examples include but are not limited to, why this oil smells cheesy?, or burnt?, or if its clean, is it a complete oil?, what is a complete oil?, what is a fraction?, how does the fraction compare to a total oil, and how can i know if this is a total oil or a fraction?, how to classify an oil as kinam, Qynam, or Kinamic, or Kyara?, is the name enough to say its Kinamic?, what are the differences between “kinamic” oils and “Sultani” oils, and there are a lot of questions out there. When we offer an oil, you will find that we explained all the questions surrounding it in its description, and be 100% sure that we selected and processed our oils and extracts for sale after trying and hoarding hundreds if not thousands of samples and trials and errors.

After a certain amount of trying oils and knowing oud, the customer becomes an expert, and that does not always make them love the world of agarwood more, over the years, we have seen countless people who got out of the world of agarwood due to past negative experiences, or because they felt that what they paid was not worth what they got, and we are aiming to change that, our intent is to make whoever will buy satisfied with what they got, and knowing why they paid such amount, and give them what they want to get exactly.