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Elixir Attar Agarwood Science

Sona 40

Sona 40

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This is a very special oil, likened to traditional Assamese style Hindi oud oil. Sylhet was formerly part of Assam before the creation of modern day India and then, East Pakistan

Culturally and historically, Sylhet is the birthplace of all traditional Hindi oud oil distillation. This particular oil has only been cooked or distilled for 40 hours and is a very high quality oil.

After 6 months the metallic notes have almost gone with a more rounded and dry, sweet hay and honey note profile. This has aged well so far and matured to a smoother and sweeter oil with an interesting berry note present in the dry down.

Aquliaria Agallocha

Year of Distillation : 2022

The wood:

Plantation 30 years- 6 years nailing

The Cook:

Tree Age: 30yr / Inoculation: 5 yr plus natural / Soak: 25 days / Distillation : 40 hours /Pot: Stainless Steel
Sun Light: 2 days min


Scent profile and Appearance:

Dark brown viscous liquid.

Initial burst creamy metallic/ strong un tanned leather/medicinal/Hay/mild barn

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