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Elixir Attar Agarwood Science

Pursat 2024 (Premium)

Pursat 2024 (Premium)

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The Wood and the Cook


This is a distillation of our clean Pursat AAA wild grade wood distillation, what you have got here is a super clean hydro distilled super grade wild agarwood oil from Pursat.




Year of Distillation: 2024




This is a relatively light honey color.


The Scent Profile


The scent profile is opening of peachy fruity top note with dark cherry musk tobacco amber drydown. Pursat has a special boozy fruity resinous drydown devoid of any soak or bad animalic smell that result from extra fermentation of cheap grade Cambodian woods.


Who is this oil recommended for?


Anyone entering the world of oud and wants to smell a very special region of oud from Cambodia.

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