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Elixir Attar Agarwood Science

Misti Churon

Misti Churon

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is the local name for wood shavings created during the extraction of high grade resinous agarwood from raw wood. There are two standard high grades. Grade 1 are shavings from the final extraction process while Grade 2 are one stage of extraction before this. From cutting to the final product there may be 5-6 extraction teams working in concurrent stages.

Year of distillation: 2022

The wood

These wood shavings are usually distilled to make the highest incense grade of Hindi agarwood oil. They can be also used to make very high grade incense, once crushed to a fine powder. Since these shavings are the closest wood to the black resinous agarwood after extracting, they are also highly resinous and fragrant in burning.

This oil uses churon with minimum 95 percent black shavings collected over 5 years from multiple wild trees with no white portion included.

Scent profile/ Appearance

Clear Golden color

Light spice/Traditional Hindi/No barn/Medicinal resinous pear drops/Sweet green grape dry down

 The cook

Tree Age: 35-60yr / Inoculation: 6 yr plus natural / Soak: 20 days / Distillation :6 days / Pot: Stainless Steel
Sun Light: 2 days min
Wood: Wild oud


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