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Kelantano 2023 (Premium)

Kelantano 2023 (Premium)

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We call this oil Kelantano, a very clean distillation of extremely high grade wild Kelantan woods.

Year of Distillation: 2023


Aquilaria Malaccensis


Scent Profile/ Appearance:


This is a dark viscous oil. The opening notes are musky medicinal candied wood. A very subtle leathery animalic note lingers in the background, turning more into dark sesquiterpene oud resin as time passes.


The Wood:


Wild, very high grade malaccensis woods.


The Cook:


Extremely professional distillation with minimal soak and very low temperature, results speaking for themselves. 


The Cost:


We have seen much inferior oils offered at higher prices, sourcing high grade Kelantan woods and oils is neither an easy nor a straightforward task. This is a very good hardcore Kelantan smell without all the fairy tales.


Who is this oil recommended for?


Agarwood collectors who want a very neutral Malaysian oud oil. Beginners and experienced oud collectors alike

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