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Filipino Kinamic (Super Premium)

Filipino Kinamic (Super Premium)

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We call this oil Filipino Kinamic, a very clean distillation of extremely high grade Filipino woods including some sinking pieces.

Year of Distillation: 2022

Aquilaria Malaccensis

Scent Profile/ Appearance:

This is a relatively lighter colored oil with , the opening notes are fruity banana, and woody. A very powerful kinamic note (caused by a high percentage of a group of chemicals called chromones in Filipino oils and woods) lingers in the background, becoming more intense as time passes.

The Wood:

The best thing about Filipino agarwood (as well as in SriLanka) is that there are NO plantation woods in circulation from the Philippines or SriLanka yet, which means that every wood out there is wild. The difference comes down to three things; wood region, distillation, and ability to source.

The Cook:

Extremely professional distillation with minimal soak and very low temperature, results speaking for themselves. 

The Cost:

Filipino ouds are expensive, and the reason is shortage of supply and limited resources. So again, this is a bargain here, we are lucky we could supply it at this price for the time being.

Who is this oil recommended for?

Agarwood users who wish to try a completely different smelling oil than any generic Cambodian, Thai, or Indian oud oil. Filipino oils are very different and they are a must if you are serious about having a complete collection of oud.

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