Collection: Supercritical Extractions (CO2 oils)

Our collection of own CO2 extracted oils. Very special and carefully selected woods. Our strategy regarding CO2 is believing in it as the future of extracting oils. It has not been standardized enough yet, but when it does, this will be everything and everywhere.

CO2 gives the same smell as the raw material as is, lesser terpenic content with agarwood specially, yielding a much more “stable” result as if the aging process doesn't exist, it is already aged.

It also helps pushes the price and produces a better yield. None of the burn or soak notes that are due to excess heat or excess soaking. The only thing that keeps us producing hydrodistilled oils so far personally, is the inability of the current CO2 technologies to produce what we aim from some woods (not Chinese woods). But we are working on that and for Chinese woods (specially Hainanese), we think its the best choice already.

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