Wild Low Temperature Distillations

This collection contains our low temperature distilled agarwood oils. All our low temperature distillation are total or complete oils, meaning that they are not the first fractions of oil that are yielded during the first few hours of the distillation process. Sometimes as the lighter molecules accumulate during the first part of the distillation, assessment takes place as to keep the first fraction of the distillate oil separate, or to keep distilling and accumulating the heavier molecules that show up later in the distillation.

Some people like the first fractions only, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but these oils usually lack depth at a certain level because they have lesser sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenoids (heavier agarwood molecules that linger during the drydown phase, as well as hold the lighter terpenic molecules to stay longer during the first evaporation phases upon oil application)

This page contains only oils acquired from wild trees, meaning, that these trees were not part of a plantation or by any human interference.