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Tarakano 2023 (Premium)

Tarakano 2023 (Premium)

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Tarakano 2023


We call this oil Tarakano, a very clean distillation of extremely high grade wild wood from Tarakan.


Year of Distillation: 2023


Aquilaria Microcarpa


Scent Profile/ Appearance:


This is a dark viscous oil. The opening notes are spicy green resin. A morning Borneo breeze with subtle greeness- a note that lingers in the background, turning more into incense sesquiterpene oud resin as time passes. Deep jungle green rising from the damp forest earth. Absolutely magical.


The Wood:


Wild, very high grade rare microcarpa woods.


The Cook:


Extremely professional distillation with minimal soak and very low temperature, results speaking for themselves. 


The Cost:


Indonesia is full of fake woods, vetivers mixed with synthetic ouds and menthol claimed to be agarwood oil. To want to smell truly special Indonesian cooling ouds. This is the price point.


Who is this oil recommended for?


Agarwood collectors who want a very nice Indonesian oud from the rarer Microcarpa Aquilaria species. Beginners and experienced oud collectors alike


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